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Bryson Tiller - Rambo

This, uh
This-this is not
This-this is not, this-this is not a motherf-
A motherfucking game, motherfucker, this is not
This-this is not, a motherfucking game, why you playin' boy?
I'm just saying boy, uh, yeah

Hol'on, hol'on, hol'on
Hol'on, hol'on, hol'on, hol'on
Hol'on nuh, hol'on nuh

Yeah, Rambo
They begging for mercy like the Lambo
Know they told me, "Kill them all," goddamn though
I know they want to see me fall, look where I am though
On two feet, that's where I stand though
I'm a true fucking killer like Rambo
No ammo, they see me on the Sanyo
Nigga, I just kill 'em because I can though

[Verse 1]
I'm as humble as they come, but you fucking with the wrong one
Boy you fucking with the wrong one
This that new Pen Griffey, watch that nigga get a home run
Watch him hit it, that's a home run
I ain't playin' wit' you niggas, I'm a true Louis Villain
I'm the realest, they acrylic, fuck them niggas if they doubt it
Say I'm flippin' up, but so is a money counter
I've been getting up, 'bout to pay my self allowance
And I save it like the bell, I can't take no more L's
The day I sell my soul, that's the day I go to hell
Been putting on a show, just like Dave, I'm Chappelle
They ain't make it in the credits, I'ma tell them, "Oh well"
Tell Steve, don't let no more bitches in the hotel
Niggas gotta get to work, girl, unless you gon' twerk something
While I lay this verse on 'em
Damn, this lifestyle got a lot of perks on it
I'm just saying nigga (Young Tiller)

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