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Bryson Tiller - Ten Nine Fourteen

[Verse 1]
So, ever since October
Living out my dreams and got a lot closer
Had to do it for my daughter before she got older
Had to wake the sleepers up, bitch I got Folgers
I'm the realest nigga out, remember I told ya
Yes I’m Derby city raised, but I’m not local
Now they actin' like they kin, I do not know them
I've been prospering ever since I dropped "Don't", nigga
But it don't stop here, I gotta keep it goin', keep it goin'
Keep that hate coming my nigga, I'ma keep ignoring
God Tiller, your flow so prehistoric
Got, got killer smoke yo it put me in a coma
I'm Cassius, my nigga put me in the corner
Versus anybody, really show me my opponent
They coming for my head, not like Makonnen
Kill them all, send 'em my condolences
And I'm back, back, back on my bullshit nigga
Do I miss doing this shit, just for fun? Just a little
Now, I do it for funds, that's facts, fundamentals
For a house up on the makers, lawyers, doctors, my neighbors
Everyday I say my prayers, terminating betrayers
Now the man is blessing me, first the man was testing me
I went through the storm not knowing whether it was green on the other side or not
That shit would bring out the best of me
I'm so true with it, who are you kidding?
12 asked what I do for a living, told them Google it
I'm so rude with it, and the youngest doing it
You don't know what I been through nigga
This the truth nigga, oh my goodness
Spittin' flames in the booth, nigga, oh my goodness
God really came through for me, oh my goodness
I can give a fuck about you, and your mothafuckin' crew
That's ain't something I would do, no I wouldn't
Ya dig?

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