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Bryson Tiller - The Sequence

[Verse 1]
Baby sometimes I feel so naive
Thinking you would come back to me
Say I fucked up, I'd have to agree
But second chances I do believe in
Just give me one reason
We fight, make up then fuck
Girl that's the sequence
I've been dreaming about the most recent
I don't lie, no I don't pretend
And your guard up, that's defense
Let it down, girl I swear I won't let you down
I ain't 2Pac, don't get around
Was clueless at first but I get it now, I get it now
You know all of my secrets and
You know all of my weaknesses
I can't give that to someone else, none of these weak bitches
Gotta tell them hoes keep distance
Miss how you whisper go deep in it
Please don't do that with no one else
Just me, is that too much?

Is that too much? yeah
Is that too much? oh yeah yeah
Am I asking for too much?
Say this shit once, say this shit two times
I won't stop 'til I get back what's mine
I know I fucked up one too many times
Is that too much?

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