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CASisDEAD - All Hallows'

I'm a psychologist's wet dream
Cocaine and ket fiend
Welcome to the Dead Team
Leave a bitch floating like she in the dead sea
Police will find GHB in her blood stream
I daydream about going mainstream
MTV Base, you can see me in HD
But my blaspheming gets deemed extreme
So I take ecstasy to raise my self-esteem

But these pills got me thirsty
Pills got me sweating like a nonce in a nursery
I smoke bless 'cause the good Lord cursed me
My weed got the same passport as Van Persie
You consign, you best reimburse me
Or Cy will put you in a hearse, no mercy
Firstly gotta let you know that
My blow might just affect you adversely

I got this young chick waiting for me at home
And she knows to only answer to me alone
And it's not 'cause I'm handsome, no
It's 'cause her parents ain't responded to the ransom note
Trying to fill up my hand with dough
'Cause I've still got plans you know
Might be dead, it won't stop me though
Reap what you sow
'Cause I'm a fucking necrophiliac
Dead chicks on deck, the blood's my aphrodisiac
I'm making snuff movies on my iPhone,
Lube and a Google Map, dude where's Siri at? (I'm right here)
You want food? I've got a myriad
The whole spectrum of colours for you if you feeling that
Brown sugar, white rocks, green leaves, red string, grey powder, anything

And a face that a lot of chicks fancy
Hoes on my dick 'cause I look like Banksy
I've got that white girl, Abigail Clancy
I'm wicked in the kitchen, call me chef Ramsay

I'm in the graveyard, no rubbers on me
About to rape a zombie in my grey Abercrombie
Got my Walkman, listening to Zombie,
Warming up on pictures of Chanelle Roundi
I get her on that dizz, not the Alizé
Her eyes looking like a bitch out an anime
I drug her and fuck her in the alleyway
I'm joking, the nurses won't let me out anyway
Restraining order came through today
Gotta stay a minimum fifty feet away
But Nigella don't think you're safe
CAS behave
I'm as English as Fruit And Barley
Or HP Sauce on your bacon sarni'
From a country where coke's no joke
Why the fuck do you think the Queen named her son Charlie?
Yeah we fucking party, middle fingers up like fuck the Torie Party
They're about as far right wing as Nani
So we start riots like we just lost the derby

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