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Caamp - Strawberries

[Verse 1]
Be my mind, don't like to think for myself all of the time, and
Be my soul, look into these eyes like no one before
Be my light, sunrise laughing cause we stayed up all night
Be my map, and we’ll leave with all the treasure we can grab

[Verse 2]
Be my lake, summer sand and a strawberry milkshake
Be my pride, stay under my skin, don't let me take what is not mine
Be my house, strong and sturdy but far from town
Be my home, just think of all the places we'll go

[Verse 3]
Be my blood, oh I’d shoot the moon and it wouldn't be enough
Be my books, head on your shoulders with damn good looks
Be my hands, and I'll paint your picture darling, the best I can
Be my heart, I've got you in the end, I wish I had you from the start

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