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Catching Flies - New Gods

[Intro: Oscar Jerome]
New gods
Will take the place of the old
Woman and man, moulded by hand
Let them dry in the sun
We're damaged by the rain
It's always the same

[Verse 1: Jay Prince]
I keep it honest, I'm never breaking my promises
I overdose on the love and I spread my wings
The difference I'm a soul and I look within on my own
Time don't exist when I flow, defeat evils approaching
I keep my people in focus, I keep on reaching emotions
Just hold me close, be devoted, been in a cycle of vultures
Feel like I'd never seen skies
Or forever feel high when I look in my eyes
See myself reach the pinnacle of greatness
Feel the changes in me, ooh, for the better
It's so cool, I've given the feeling, ooh
When you see me, that's the truth
Very image of the all, let it simmer
Been a minute since I felt like myself
Might just come clean
Sinner by condition, see, I don't feel complete
Remix to the ignition, got me thinking I don't need
Unnecessary energy that lingers around me

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