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Cavetown - Juliet

[Verse 1]
I need to cry but I can't get anything out of my eyes
Or my head
Did I die?
I need to run but I can't get out of bed for anyone
Not for you, hun

[Verse 2]
My sour boy is a pain
I wanna shoot him in the brain
But I’d miss him in the morning
It really hurts when I need to so bad but I can’t see her
My Juliet, my special girl

But I need to understand
When I can power through
And when I need some help from you
When I should stand my ground
And when I need to just sit down
Sometimes I act like I know
But I’m really just a kid
With two corks in his eyes
And a bully in his head

[Verse 2]
I wanna make a colour that no one else has seen before
I wanna be so much more
I hope that she looks at me and thinks “shit, he’s so pretty”
Something I can’t believe

“Juliet” is the first track of the split EP "Animal Kingdom: Sandy", written with artist Simi.

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