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Cea Serin - Into the vivid Cherishing

I shape the shadows that lament your final sighs
I hear their words again, causing all my shameless cries
Stricken down by inner bane, my words are overcome
Though speak to me senses are numb
If I had the words to say I'd take away this time
Be with me kindly this one last night
We belong to different times
Where memories combine
(and) Into the Vivid Cherishing
I'll bless your life to mine
And now I watch as the final curtains fall
Before your fading hazel auras
And I can't help but to expel a breath in prayer
To see them shine again
Timelessly captured in memory's sigh
The way that this moment is holding your life
I am as rain to the days passing shine
Speak to me darling this one last time
I have no voice and I must scream -
Waiting for the words to come so they might bring a moment
Just a moment of the past to ease our quiet closing
If I had the words to say, I'd speak of a million laughters
I'd speak of life and times together, to join again hereafter
Sometimes at the mornings rise
I forget you're gone
But when I realize the
Sorrow takes my soul again
We belong to different times
Two different worlds
Into the Vivid Cherishing
Where all your words are mineYou might also like

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