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Chairlift - Frigid Spring

[Verse 1]
High in the ranks of the bleeding hearts
With one to call my own
On the docks of the fishing boats
Of semi-precious stone
Recent light
Fresh with vacant envy
Failing all alone
Frigid spring
Of the wishy-washy wishing well of home

Missing the mark
At your seat in the dark
At a barter banquet (Ah-ah)
Riding the ride and unleashing the tide
Of a maiden's mood swing (Ah-ah)
Won't go as planned without asking the hand
Of the mastermind (Ah-ah)
Heavenly harness of obstinate power
It's down on her knees

[Verse 2]
Far in the land of the scribble-scrabble
Lightning fields of loam
Where the plow pushes drying sod with deviled hooves of clones
Shanty towns
Harvest hollyhocks
All frothing full of foam
Past the claws of the city lights is the doorstep you call home

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