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Charli XCX - February 2017 (feat. Clairo and Yaeji)

[Intro: Charli XCX]
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse: Charli XCX & Clairo]
Know I keep on saying I'm alright
But every single night
When I cut off the lights
I feel like crying
Your picture revolving in my mind
But then it turns to white
I guess I’ll go in blind
I feel like crying
Hope you can forgive all of my crimes
You read, but won't reply
I just need your reply
I feel like crying
Baby, all I need's a single night
A sign, a sign, give me a sign

[Chorus: Charli XCX]
Sorry I broke you down
Sorry I tore your heart
I ripped it all apart
Your headlights in the dark
Sorry ’bout Grammy night
Was flyin' out my mind
Was in a different place
Tortured and drifting by
Kept dancing in that house
The windows turned to black
My windows turned to black
My eyes were rolling back, yeah
Hope I get one more chance
Hope I get one more call
I only know what's good once I have lost it all
Lost it all, lost it all, lost it all
Lost it all, lost it all, lost it all

‘'February 2017’‘ is a song from English singer-songwriter Charli XCX’s third studio album "Charli". The song was written with and features Korean-American singer-producer Yaeji and American singer-songwriter Clairo. In “February 2017,” Charli is asking a lover to forgive her for breaking their heart, and explains the loneliness and emotional turmoil she is experiencing as a result of their anger with her. The song is likely inspired by Charli’s on-and-off relationship with her boyfriend Huck Kwong. In an interview with PAPER, XCX said: "[…] Clairo and I actually spent four days making a load of songs together in LA. We ended up using none of them. We ended up writing a song apart, but we have just four or five songs now that are just kind of half done, floating around. We knew we’d want to do something together, and I’ve been such a fan of Yaeji for a really long time. I think they vaguely knew each other. It just made sense for us to do something together. I put us on a group chat, or maybe I texted them separately. I was like, “Let’s do this, I’m going to gather some ideas.” I made this initial thing, and [they] sang over it. We had all the pieces, but we just needed to arrange it in the right way. It does definitely leave people wanting more. It’s one of the shortest songs, no parts repeat really. It definitely doesn’t have a traditional song structure, but they’re both really open-minded and free in the way they make their own music. It didn’t really feel like it mattered."

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