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"You (Ha Ha Ha)" explores the themes of betrayal, self-empowerment and moving on from a toxic relationship. In the first verse, Charli paints a picture of a situation where she feels trapped and replaced. The line "I'm a victim of replacement" suggests that her partner has replaced her with someone else, causing her emotional pain. She criticizes their behavior and calls them out for trying to make a statement through their actions. The pre-chorus implies that the person she is addressing in the song struggles with intimacy and commitment. They may have difficulty facing the growth of love, potentially causing them to sabotage relationships. The chorus reveals Charli's realization that her partner lied to her. She responds with a sarcastic "ha ha ha" and acknowledges that she was right about their deceitful behavior all along. The lines "Good job, you fucked it up" indicate her satisfaction in seeing the relationship crumble due to their actions. In the second verse, she reminisces about the good times they used to have as "cool kids". However, their relationship devolved as they abandoned the blueprint of their connection and let it burn in flames. They can no longer retrace their steps or recapture what they once had. The bridge signifies Charli's decision to move on from the toxic relationship. She highlights that she is walking on her own, not answering their calls, and phasing them out of her life. The line "Hope you realize now that I am never coming home / You were meant to be alone" illustrates her resolve to leave them behind and let them understand the consequences of their actions. In the final chorus, she reiterates that they lied to her, sarcastically acknowledging their failure by saying "ha ha ha ha". She recognizes that their attempts at appearing strong are merely a front, emphasizing their failure in the relationship with the repeated line "good job, you fucked it up". Overall, "You (Ha Ha Ha)" delves into the emotions of betrayal and empowerment, shedding light on the aftermath of a deceptive relationship and Charli's determination to move forward.

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