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Christian Lee Hutson - Northsiders

[Verse 1]
I was new in town, kinda goth
I met you in the science quad
You asked if I had any pot
We're going up to Mikey's spot
Covering important ground
I tried cocaine in my cousin's house
Yeah, I'm probably addicted now
The things that children lie about
I didn't notice it was getting late
You offered me a place to stay
We live up in the palisades
Tell your folks you ran away
Besides, you're a Northsider now

Nothing's going to change it, pal

[Verse 2]
We were so pretentious then
Didn't trust the government
Said that we were communists
And thought that we invented it
Morrissey apologists
Amateur psychologists
Serial monogamists
We went to different colleges
But you said that we would always be
Branches on the same old tree
Reaching away from each other for eternity
And you know I can't argue with that

Northsiders, released on March 6, 2019, is the first single from Christian Lee Hutson's as-yet-untitled upcoming album. Hutson has said the track is, "sort of a collage of memories I have of several different friends from high school. I think it’s about the friendships you develop that make you feel seen and understood at that time in your life where you feel invisible and misunderstood." The track was recorded at Sound City Studios in Los Angeles, produced by Phoebe Bridgers, and engineered/mixed by Joseph Lorge. It features string arrangements by Nate Walcott of Bright Eyes.

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