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Christopher Fitzgerald - Transylvania Mania

12:01, From a Green Bottle...
Red Tongue, This Nights No Fun
Dry Cough From Those Deadly Cancer Sticks.Suffering Only You, I Can't Believe I'm Scared To
Lay a Kiss On An Old Scary Transylvania Bitch.This Room I Slumber, Now Turns To Fire
Our Eyes Have Yet Wander
No Sir, No Way In Hell, Will I Be Not Here, Anytime, Not Now.I Saw a Witch, She Was, Man, Cold As Ice
Cloaked In Dead Black Hair, 2 Grey Stripes
Shivering Teeth Played the Rythm Shed Creep to
My Fingers, Wrapped My Cold Biceps
Uneasy as the Walk I Took, This Night
She Said...
"Hey Little Boy, Why Don't You, Go Right Back Where ya Came From?"
I Said.....
"Ma'am Ya Don't Wanna go to Transylvania"She Set These Flames, I Refuse Put Them Out
Saliva Like Ether, I AppreciateYour Kiss
Wick-Tipped Fingers Burn My Hair, But Her Hands Hold No Harm
My Skin Just Cracks and Bubbles, At Your Glance.They Stared at Each Other Eye to Eye
She, Stood Hovering a Foot Above
Eyes Rolled Back Into Her Head
He, Hunched Over, V-Shaped Browe
Wiping the Wretched Drool That Flowed From a Mouth of Clentched Teeth
Somehow, In Some Way, the Intensity of the Situation Began to Rise
For What Reason, I Know Not Why. Two Torn Souls With Black Hearts and Red
Would There? Could There be an Impact?An All Out, Full Blown Incident?
Moments Mounted and the Tension Grew. But There is No Story Here
Only Two Torns Souls in Life and Death.......So Tonight is the Night My Body Burns, Though My Eyes Still Pierce YouYou might also like

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