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Cignature - Nun Nu Nan Na

[시그니처(cignature) 눈누난나 (Nun Nu Nan Na) 가사]

Ayo, we're gonna make you feel something special

[Verse 1]
맘대로 자꾸만 드러나는 맘
필요해 따끔한 전율 like a bomb (Pow, pow)
나의 Romeo, ayy, oh (Oh, oh)
지끈대 머리야, ayy, oh
Make it pop

Jarvis 나 좀 도와줘 (Mayday, mayday)
이 기분 뭔지 알려줘 (Boom)
웬만한 걸로는 절대 못 만족시켜
Vroom 빠빠, vroom 빠빠
We're goin' crazy

Baby, ooh-ooh
더는 참지 마요, no
Ya-ya, ooh-ooh
너 너 참견 마요
이게 나에요
특별하게 더 아찔하게 더
뻔한 결론은 재미없잖아요
네 맘속 불을 지펴
빠져들어봐, baby, pow, pow-pow-pow

"Nun Nu Nan Na" is the debut digital single by South Korean girl group Cignature. It was released digitally on February 4, 2020 under J9 Entertainment, a subsidiary of C9 Entertainment. The music video for the song was pre-released on February 3rd.

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