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Clairo - Bambi

I'm stepping inside a universe
Designed against my own beliefs
They're toying with me and tapping their feet
The work's laid out, cut out to the seams
It's not that I crave any more company
I'd like to say, say a few things
Clearing your throat while I count to three
Keep hold of my hand
We both know I can leave

I don't like to cry before I know why
But honestly, I might
You pick a new fight, wiping tears from the night
Blue ribbon ties while emotions are high
I told all my friends
They were glad to see
Sat in a circle in front of my Claud's tapestry
In a dorm less than three minutes to drive
We both can always

"Take it or leave it
The moment's here and you should believe it"
Know that you should
I pull until I'm left with the burns
Blisters and the dirt left in between my fingers
Rushing so I can beat the line
But what if all I want is conversation and time?
I move so I don't have to think twice
I drift and float through counties with my one-sided climb
Once I make a choice to move forward, I'll take
I'll take a picture for your locker

“Bambi” is the opening track from Clairo’s sophomore album “Sling”. This track is presumed to be about the singer’s struggles in the music industry and as an artist overall. However, since Clairo has not yet clarified the song’s subject, this is not a fact but rather a theory.

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