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Clairo - Flaming Hot Cheetos


[Verse 1]
Sometimes I feel like I just wanna go back to my old ways
You're telling me I'm silly
It's no fun in the old days
I'm such a romantic
I never remember how things really happen
I guess you're attractive
Or something

[Verse 2]
Live in the moment
That's what they tell me
But what ever happened
To when you would hold me
And hold me
And hold me

Girlfriend or girl, that's a friend?
It's easy just to pretend
That we don't have something real

“Flaming Hot Cheetos” is the second track and first single from Clairo’s EP, diary 001. It acquired its name simply because Clairo was eating them when making the demo. It’s a song about one of her past relationships, Clairo stated: "The song was sort of a struggle between one side of me trying to ‘snap out of it’, and the other side of me still wishing that things were how they used to be." The song was produced and written by Clairo herself and it was released in June 2017.

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