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Clairo - Just For Today

[Verse 1]
Honestly, I didn't think I'd end up here this time
Or anywhere at all, I'm distant just enough to never fall behind
Picturing the saddest scene of wearing bedsheets
And two pats on the back, "It just takes time"
It's getting late
Since when did taking time take all my life? Mm-mm

Mommy, I'm afraid I've been talking to the hotline again
It's stirring, but the ripples always seek out the ones who carry me, me

[Verse 2]
I blocked out the month of February for support, mm-mm
At least I have this year, I won't bе worrying anyone on tour, mm-mm
As we speak, I'm hеre to meet devils for tea
Peering 'round the corner of my life
I throw my drink into the faces of my demise, mm-mm

At thirty, your honey's gonna ask you, "What the hell is wrong with me?"
And finally, an answer from your throat comes crawling
And you can proceed

Inspired by her experiences with anxiety and depression, Clairo penned “Just For Today,” referencing the night she joined the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s chat room. In the chorus, Clairo references a night when she joined the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's online chat during a panic attack. "Mommy, I'm afraid I've been talking to the hotline again It's stirring, but the ripples always seek out the ones who carry me" Clairo previously discussed suicide on her 2019 track "Alewife," where she recalled being 13 and thinking she couldn't go on. On January 25, 2021, Clairo shared an acoustic snippet of the track to Instagram, telling fans she had written it the night before. In her July 2021 interview for Rolling Stone, Clairo revealed that “Just For Today” wasn’t initially on her album Sling, but was added after she read the feedback from fans The home recording finds Clairo singing and playing guitar, and also getting briefly interrupted by her Chow Chow-Pyrenees puppy, Joanie. She wrote on Instagram: "not sure about you, but my mental health has taken a major dip since quarantine started- at times I feel like i’ve never felt worse. new medication, hotlines, and one scheduled appointment with a psychiatrist later and i’m feeling more like myself again. I wrote this last night and i feel there’s no real reason I should hold onto it. Hope you enjoy the song and Joanie’s squeaks thank you 💙💙💙💙" Claire named her puppy after Joni Mitchell, but spelt differently "just so it's not entirely creepy." Quarantine was just really strange and terrible for [people with] mental health issues – no one really knew what to do and I think that made it even worse, writing that song helped me and I’m glad that people enjoyed it because I don’t think it would have ended up on the record unless people asked for it. - via NME Jack Antonoff (Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Lorde) co-produced the song with Clairo at upstate New York's Allaire Studios. Antonoff also was on violin and mellotron. Clairo played acoustic guitar.

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