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Clairo - North

[Verse 1]
I'm nervous, couldn’t tell you why
Touching me, hands warm on my thighs
And I know I could turn a blind eye
Afraid of what I'm gonna find
Does it really have to be this way?
Oh, and my body hasn't felt the same
Since you left my apartment
Think my pillows still have your scent

I just want to let you know
I’m seeing the sides that you don't show
And I know that we've got some potential
'Cause that look you gave me was so gentle

[Verse 2]
Do you think that you could stay?
I need more time, I need to get away from here
Pour my love out
Spill it all on the ground
Is it all in my head? What are you saying?
Usually I'd be fine, but my head is spinning
I never let anybody in
Somehow you got under my skin

In “North”, Clairo sings about someone she knows she cannot have, questioning whether or not she should run away to be with this person. "That song specifically is about tour romances. Like, when you meet someone on the road and you become infatuated with the situation and you want to let them in, but you know that you don’t have enough time for it to really make sense – and on tour, you learn to just have this guard up. If I meet anyone and if I have a connection with someone, I have to know that it’s not going to last because we’re constantly moving and we’re seeing the world, it just isn’t going to work out because things just don’t work out that way, right? But then you meet someone and they get past that barrier and it becomes confusing because it’s something you want so badly, but you know can’t happen. And another lyric in that is “fingertips on my back / things I know that I can’t have,” and you have it right now, but knowing that it will go away is hard to grasp, because if you do actually fall in love with someone on tour, it’s like, ‘Shit, what do we do now?’ It’s just a sweet song. I feel like it’s happy/sad." – Clairo, Coup De Main Magazine

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