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Conan Gray - Wish You Were Sober

Wish you were so—, wish you were so—, wish you were sober
Sober, sober, sober

[Verse 1]
This party's shit, wish we could dip
Go anywhere but here
Don't take a hit, don't kiss my lips
And please don't drink more beer

I'ma crawl out the window now
'Cause I don't like anyone around
Kinda hope you're followin' me out
But this is definitely not my crowd

Nineteen, but you act twenty-five now
Knees weak, but you talk pretty fly, wow
Ripped jeans and a cup that you just downed
Take me where the music ain't too loud
Trade drinks, but you don't even know her
Save me 'til the party is over
Kiss me in the seat of your Rover
Real sweet, but I wish you were sober

Released two days before his debut studio album, "Kid Krow", ”Wish You Were Sober” finds American singer-songwriter Conan Gray wishing that someone he is into will tell him that they like him — even when they’re sober. The song’s upbeat production is a stark contrast between it and “The Story,” a track it was preceded by. “Wish You Were Sober” was first teased by Conan himself via social media on March 16, 2020, with a line from the song’s chorus as the photo’s caption. Its March 18th release date was then officially announced a day later, with the music video dropping two days later.

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