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Crumb - Up and Down

Cold like the day
Feel your heart slip away
But it belongs to me
Only me, only me
Not even you (Girl)

We're not the same
I'm like air you're a flame
So why can't you just
Keep it together
Your mood like the weather
Called you today
Felt your face hit the table
I can hear your voice
As it changes
You dread these exchanges

You're up and down
You're checked out
Or out of town
It doesn't even matter
Don't know why
I give up and goodnight

Out in the garden
I see something dark and it's coming
Yea right for me

Are you her or are you a creature from a planet far
If you push me to the edge would I slip or would I fall
In the city or on a farm you won't find what you want
Please go back to where you're from and leave me by myselfYou might also like

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