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Cuco - Dontmakemefallinlove

I don't think I’m meant to be with you
I don't wanna make you sad
All the time just feeling bad
Girl, don't make me fall in love with you
I don't think I'm right for you
I’m just disappointing you

Lonely nights like these you just stumble in my head
And I’m wondering what you’re doing
And why maybe I'm not dead
The thought of you still kills me
I know I’m a stupid guy
Looking back at my mistakes, I fucked up a million times
I couldn't see the day
I never called somebody mine
'Cause every single heartbreak made me lose my fucking mind
I guess I was too blind
Girl, I see that you were right for me
I had to fuck it up, I’m sorry this is not goodbye
I let this so-called fame get deep into my head
And I'd end up doing thoughtless things
That I soon would regret
I made you feel special
And I should've felt the same
'Cause I had you by my side
How could I have been this way

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