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Czarface and MF DOOM - Forever People


[Verse 1: Esoteric]
Study facts, I put baby paw in the dirt like puppy tracks, yo
I was runnin' up in sacks slow
Haunted mind, now I'm on another plateau
My entrance, fly Benzes, knives, wrenches
Hotlines and suicide preventions
I fight in trenches, you hide behind fences
And ride benches. My mind's bright, yours is dense like Mike Pence's
I amplify the five senses
So ahead of my time, I don't speak in the right tenses
Big headed, I better try the wide lenses
Quite pretentious, bars like my mic got a life sentence
[Verse 2: MF DOOM]
Don't lose your cool or show your cards too early
Or it could be a close call like New York-New Jersey
I always had a soft spot for chicks who talk dirty
Party on your block? Goin' seven-thirty
Ah, all you new aspirin' artists wish in the wind
Again any secret agents is listenin' in
Best bet, mind your neck, go and find the check
Ahem, time for wreck
Move over a smidgin, to avoid collision
Villain, one truth, won't argue no religion
Or promote no division, big business like prison
Never fall victim to indecision or no bogus inhibition
One world government, me say, "One world love for shit"
Or one girl shovin' it, lovin' it
Pink button keep on rubbin' it, hotter than an oven get
Some rappers is fake prophets, tryna pull a fast one
Caught on quick though, remember from the last one
Stayin' bent, this chain event Olympian
Readin' Corinthians in a whip a pimp be in

Dear God, it's
Dear God, it's

[Verse 3: Inspectah Deck]
Fireman, I throw flames
Like I'm in the arcade with no change, I ain't playin' no games
I'm an animal, they let me off the chain
Still ride the underground railroad, get aboard the train
Somebody tell the label exec: "Don't forget
There's penalties and fees when you late with the check"
Matter fact take the payment in cash, I stay woke
Like seven cups of coffee, straight out the bag
That's some hard shit, sharp like the razor, choppin' bricks
Get the party lit, lush get crushed while cigar split
Feel it through your spine, I'm the sickest you'll find
I display more marvelous art than Guggenheim
No words to define me buddy
My previous work is under research and scientist study
Code name: prototype
Bet the DOOM vs. CZARFACE album have 'em open like a photo light
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Dear God, it's
Dear God, it's

So easy

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