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Daft Punk - Aerodynamic


(repeat through the whole song except during the instrumental)

"Aerodynamic" is an instrumental track by Daft Punk featuring a prominent guitar solo. The track was released on March 28, 2001 as the second single from the Discovery album. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo once described the Discovery album as "A mix between the past and the future, maybe the present." Thomas Bangalter also elaborated in a 2001 interview that "A lot of house music today just uses samples from disco records of the '70s and '80s... While we might have some disco influences, we decided to go further and bring in all the elements of music that we liked as children, whether it's disco, electro, heavy metal, rock, or classical." This is reflected in the structure of "Aerodynamic", which is said to build up a funk groove, halt for a solo consisting of "metallic, two-hand tapping on electric guitar", combining the two styles and ending with a separate "spacier" electronic segment. The solo elements were described playfully as "impossible, ridiculous Yngwie guitar arpeggios", which reflect the fast arpeggiation common with violin parts in classical music. Bangalter acknowledged that "Some people might think that the guitar solos on 'Aerodynamic' are in bad taste, but for us, it's all about being true to ourselves and not caring what other people would think. We really tried to include most of the things we liked as kids, and bring that sense of fun to it." The "Aerodynamic" single contained a B-side remix titled "Aerodynamite". Another remix of "Aerodynamic" features Detroit-based hip hop group Slum Village. The creation of the Slum Village remix resulted after Slum Village used an uncredited sample of Thomas Bangalter's "Extra Dry" in their song "Raise It Up". Instead of asking for compensation for using the sample, Pedro Winter suggested to Daft Punk that they ask Slum Village to remix one of their tracks. Both "Aerodynamite" and the Slum Village remix were later included in the album Daft Club, which contains an additional remix by Daft Punk featuring elements of "One More Time". A live version of "Aerodynamic" coupled with "One More Time" is featured in the album Alive 2007. "Aerodynamic" was later sampled for the Wiley song "Summertime" from the album See Clear Now.

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