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[Intro: Pharrell Williams]

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams]
You know how I feel
I'm in love with you still, ooh yeah
It helps, but it kills
Your lovin', your lovin'
It hurts, it heals
It breaks but it builds, ooh, yeah
Your power and your will
Your lovin', that's your lovin'

[Verse 1: Daniel Caesar]
Wanna feel it, something I can feel
I know the things that I been feelin', they ain't real
Wanted to know what it felt like for them to like me
Now I know, I gotta say, it's mighty frightening
Wanna use it, use my frontal lobe
But these feelings took this shit around the globe
God, I'm sick and tired of always feelin' lonely
Got this Golden Child shit poppin' with my homies
It's a hell of a feeling, I put this thing on the map
Remember back in the day you talked a whole lotta smack
It was hard for the black kid, you used to get at my gap
Used to steal all my groceries and now I get to the racks
Used to be ugly, but now I hit from the back
The side, from the front, and I swear this pussy like crack
Nigga got rhythm, I like to hear that shit clap
I like to hear that shit back
I like to hear that shit

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