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Daniel Caesar - OPEN UP

[Verse 1]
It's been such a long time
Since I set foot in the club
I really hate this shit, don’t I?
I hate feeling rushed, girl, can I just be honest?
I don't feel like talkin' unless it’s 'bout me, or philosophy
Can we just get down to business?
And when we're both finished, then we'll have a reason to speak

Then you can open up to me, girl
Let me plant my seed, girl
Let me fill your needs, girl
Open up to me, open up to me

[Verse 2]
The piano that I fuck you on
Same one that on which I write these songs for you
They're one in the same
That goes for us, too, I give you my name
The bed on which I lay to sleep
And lay with you and lay in deep
There ain't no difference, this case there isn't
That goes for us, too, I know you're listenin’
Sometimes it feels like I don’t really care
One day you'll see, but in the meantime
Just trust that I’m there
Just trust that I love you
Just trust that I care
Trust that I need you to always be there
Trust that you know me well enough to know
I'm the high priest but you put on the show

“OPEN UP“ is about how Daniel sees himself with this girl in a sexual nature, and after, romantically loving her and being there always. He talks about having sex with her but also how he loves her, which presents a big antithesis. The song communicates Daniel's struggle to balance his id and his superego, specifically when approaching a woman. On one side he has his sexual desires but on the other he has his more deeply rooted wants. All in all he wants this girl to open up regardless of how he is acting. Also, this track takes elements from “Japanese Denim” such as the subtle high hats and the kick drum in double time. This elements are also characteristic of his nod to soul artist D’Angelo.

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