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[Verse 1: Daniel Caesar]
Isn't it an irony?
The things that inspire me
They make me bleed
So profusely
I got everything I need
Time and space to think and breathe
What does it mean
When cash grows on trees?

[Chorus: Daniel Caesar]
Exist in superposition
Life's all about contradiction
Yin and yang
Fluidity and things
I'm me, I'm God
I'm everything
I'm my own reason why I sing
And so are you, are you understanding?

[Bridge: Daniel Caesar]

[Verse 2: Daniel Caesar]
I know you think this shit is easy
For you, but not so much for me
But I'll still ride, that's just the risk I'll take
I know you see me actin' sleazy
I'm working on it, take it easy
I'll figure it all out before I break
If I should die before I wake
Oh, please, do not resuscitate
I know I didn't live my life in vain
This music shit's a piece of cake
The rest of my life's in a state of chaos
But I know I'll be okay

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