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Daniel Caesar - Transform (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)

[Intro: Daniel Caesar]
If a leopard never changes its spots
How can I change what I've got?
Transform, transform, transform, transform
We don't punish the tiger for catching its prey
So how am I the one to blame
If it's in my nature?
Transform, transform, transform

[Pre-Chorus: Daniel Caesar]
And I don't know why I fight it
The least I could do is try
But ego's in the way
I know that you feel mad today
But that anger will fade away
And you'll wish she was here

[Chorus: Daniel Caesar]
It's never over until life ends
Lay down beside me, do it again
It's never over until life ends, yeah
Lay down beside

[Verse 1: Charlotte Day Wilson]
Don't be a fool, baby I know you've changed
It's in my nature and it's okay (it's okay)
And I'll be your goddess and you a part of me
Lay down your pride, lay down with me

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