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Daniel Caesar - Who Hurt You

[Verse 1: Daniel Caesar]
Take me back to Georgia, back to Atlanta
Funny how present turns past
I might fly Priscilla out just for 'Bana
So mesmerized by that ass
The way she moves it I can tell that she loves me
Nigga can't help but to touch
Smack it 'round a bit then sip on some bubbly
Hope I'm not doing too much

[Refrain: Daniel Caesar]
Strange new addictions picked up on the road
Changed my opinions and changed up my flows
Changed my approach, no more loving these hoes
And when it rains it pours, yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Daniel Caesar]
You make me feel so primal and
That's what I am, I'm just a man

[Chorus: Daniel Caesar & T-Pain]
Take that pussy, drop it in my lap
I love it when you move like that
Now turn around and throw it back, it back, it back

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