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Denzel Curry - P.A.T. feat. PlayThatBoiZay

I'm finna show you fuck niggas how Florida go H.A.M., nigga
Straight like that, fuck nigga
Oh damn
Ronny J, please turn me up

[Chorus: Denzel Curry]
Contact, sit out, I’ma hold the fort
All black, sticks out like I'm Voldemort
Lights out, stomped out like Columbus Short
This ain't what you want, better teleport
Instant transmission, have your mans missing, plans thicken
While my bands thicken, have your clan stricken, hands itchin’
That's the trigger finger, uh, now your spirit linger, uh
Get my Stanley Steamer on, sniper with the beamer on

[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]
Cut your line like I'm Hercules, leave you in surgery
Beef is a wad of meat, bitch, this ain't Aqua Teen
Fuck a gun, I'ma go whip his ass
Fuck around, have you spinnin' like Taz
All you niggas quick to pick up a strap
Everlast make a nigga take naps
Used to go to sleep, I would hear the blocka, blocka
Think it's fireworks but I assume it's a chopper
Why they hit that man with the boom-shaka-laka?
If he got the scope with the zoom, shotta, shotta
I grew up in a city where most people have no goals
Just cold-blooded niggas in a place that never snow
We’ll rob you for your chain, probably pistol whip your ho
We carry hollow tips ’cause it reflects what's in my soul, damn

“P.A.T.” is an ode to Denzel Curry’s older albums and music he made while with Raider Klan. It is Curry’s first collaboration with PlayThatBoiZay. It’s fitting that the track was also produced by Ronny J because he and Curry both came up in the C9 collective. The instrumental even incorporates iconic sound effects used in SpaceGhostPurrp’s productions.

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