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Denzel Curry - ULT

[Verse 1]
This is the wrath of Aquarius
I am the black metal terrorist, ain't no comparison
Humanitarian, bitch I'm a veteran
Better than anyone comprehend
Snake in the grass, cut the copperhead
Hollow-tips point at a copper' head
Drop a head, popping the Glock till the copper dead
But Bishop killed Radames
That is the biggest hypocrisy
I don't see nobody stopping me
Boy, your whole life is a mockery
A militant mind of the million
Civilian, I am the realest, bitch
No Gilligan put me on an island
Smoking on an island 'til a nigga look Thailand
Spread through your crew like a motherfucking virus
Cloud 9 confederate, breaking up barriers
Federation in your area
If I'm a bitch then I guess you a pussy, and pussies are scared of a terrier (WOOF)
Run all your paper, killer Curry keep on catching the caper
Dominating common denominator
Aftermath you can just do the math later, as a teenager
I was an underdog under the Raiders, valuable player
Young Bo Jackson slammin' packs with a passion
Satisfaction with the lack of compassion
It's a maverick hella gaspin', but actually
I am that nigga entirely
The same ones that inspire me be the same ones that wanna retire me, nigga

“ULT” is the introductory song on Imperial. The hook has been suggested to be a diss towards SpaceGhostPurrp, who was previously his mentor, specifically suggesting he isn’t “ULT” which has been said to have multiple meanings by Denzel including: Utilizing limitless talent Understanding life’s teaching Ultimately liberating together Unity, love, trust The song also discusses police brutalities as well as black-on-black crimes. The use of the term “ULT/Ultimate” by Denzel Curry and his C9 crew seems to have originated from this his breakout song ULTIMATE from his double EP 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms.

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