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Dinah Washington - Destination Moon

Come and take a trip in my rocket ship
We'll have a lovely afternoon
Kiss the world goodbye and away we'll fly
Destination moon

We'll travel fast as light 'til we're out of sight
The earth will be like a toy balloon
What a thrill you'll get ridin' on my jet
Destination moon

We'll go up up up up
Straight to the moon, we two
High in the starry blue
I'll be out of this world with you

So away we'll steal in my spacemobile
A supersonic honeymoon
Leave your cares below, pull the switch, let's go!
Destination moon

There once was a time when the colorful thing to do
Was to call for a date on a bicycle built for two
But cars and trains and even planes
All have had their day
Now the time is due to call for you
In the modern atomic way

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