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Dinosaur Jr. - How'd You Pin That One On Me

Hey, what's on your mind?
Hey, what's that got left behind?
Tension running, how? What for?
Don't think I'm into you anymore

[Verse 1]
Falling off the pace
Run into you most every place
And I hardly go outside
Let's take a little ride
I don't know, man, you decide
How'd you pin that one on me?
Haven't even done it yet
How can that be?
My move or do I chuck it?
Stare it in the face or duck it
Get me a bucket

I disappear I would agree
That's a distinct possibility
Wrap my leg around the table
I'll make the trip when I'm more stable

Got to cut that one leg free
Hobbling around, hold out for me
I'll leave the house when I'm less scared
Don't make me go, I'm not prepared

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