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Dinosaur Jr. - Muck

[Verse 1]
I know these things have passed you by
I know it's tough to even try
It's such a different kind of scene
I know you don't know what I mean
Yeah well, I tried to tell you before
I know all you want is more
I'll always tell you different stuff
No matter what won't be enough

I figure it'll be cool sometime
After I've cooked everyone I find
I can only take it to that certain place
It's just not cool, look at your face

Whenever you get in my face
There's something strange I start to taste

Hold back, hold back, hold back
Hold back, hold back, hold back

[Verse 2]
It's all restrained, I'm getting baked
Is it okay, or am I a flake?
So, every time you see me now
You psyche for a minute
'til you remember how
I clogged your entire mind with muck
You stop smiling, remember how everything sucked

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