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Earl Sweatshirt - Mantra

Get your lady, cop piff
Inhale and cough, rip the label off this
Picked the road that got twists
I'm holding my dick and playing cautious

[Verse 1]
I'mma show you how it's done right, nigga
Drop this when the sunlight gone
Better run right home when the sky turn black
Screaming "Fuck 5-0" 'til my line go flat
In a ash-gray Bimmer, we'll be callin' that the pigeon coupe
Jackknife bitches to the couches in they living rooms
Ask who the best and I doubt that they picking you
Back like how I need to style, I invented you, yup
Act like you don't know the name
Only time I ain't eating when the cho-cha stanky
Listening to Pre, getting throat while I lane switch
Bitches by the three licking coke off the pinky
The poster child, you're 'posed to hate me
Bold and wild, you broke and angry, my nigga
Name getting bigger than the difference between us
Niggas is fake, I limit the features I give 'em
Sweat (sweat) shirt (shirt)
You know you famous when the niggas that surround you switch
And if they hated in a passive tense
And now they hound your dick, and you ain't ask for this
Now you surrounded with a gaggle of 100 fucking thousand kids
Who you can't get mad at, when they want a pound and pic
Cause they the reason that the traffic on the browser quick
And they the reason that the paper in your trouser's thick
I said sweat (sweat) shirt (shirt)
You can tell the Reaper I'mma meet 'em when he send for me
With a cleaver and a 30, and some twisted weed
I pick one, and let the crimson leak, nigga

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