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EarthGang - Artificial

Money, power, pussy, fame; it don't mean nothing
Never feel an ounce of shame, it don't mean nothing
Tell me what you came before you came to this Earth
Tell me who you worshipped before they came with the church

[Chorus: Doctur Dot]
I don't want no artificial
I don't flaunt no artificial
I don't need no artificial
I don't, flaunt no

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus]
Artificial ends, at the age to separate the homies from the friends
When shit hit the fan and show you blood from the kin
And my family always kept a tool by the lamp
Druggies gettin' started, it's a party 4 AM
Everybody need me now, knee-high to grasshopper
But the family always looking up the hill
Put the city on my shoulders (whoa)
Put my baby on my shoulders, now it's an event
I can't get a break from nothin'
I might smoke a whole eighth then mush my whole face inside some blow
(Still I can't feel nothin')
You know I'm gon' hurt you 'fore you know it, 'fore you love me you should go
Tell me what you want from me
Ooh you know I'm psychic, I don't like it when you try to hide the hoax
'Cause we ain't got shit in common
We ain't got shit in common, tell me why the fuck you 'round me

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