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EarthGang - Avenue

[Intro: Johnny Venus]
You put lives on the line, shoestring ties on the line
I been cashin' in, cuttin' checks and cutting edge
Cuttin' lines in to my head, it's OD
God bless ODB, if I see him in my sleep
I'ma bow and wash his feet, you showed me
How to do the deeds, I laid Backwoods into wreaths
Keep my head up like Maurice, I'm floating
Step before the people and greet 'em how I greet you
And you make sure my gifts keep flowin'

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus]
You that nigga for them bitches
You that nigga for them bitches
You that heifer for them riches
Fuck whatever, fuck the riches
Sell your soul, sell your soul
Cut the prize and eat the difference
Fake persona if it gets you what you wanna
Get behind the fattest donk, or have these woman on your trunk
Or have your ego high as chimpanzee in space
Out of orbit, out of place
You put life on the line, you put lives on the line
Shoestring ties on the line, what you like, I provide
You put ass on the 'Gram, perfect titties in they hands
You put pussy in it's place, you got that shit from your fam'
That food ain't far from the best, it's big pimpin' where you land
I see coward where you stand, ghetto zombies in a trance
I been eatin' diabetes and Cheetos for dinner, my nigga
Since I was like 2 or 3 years old, can't give that up, nigga
I been hatin' on white folks for hatin' us, nigga
I been wastin' my neighbors for playin' with us niggas

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