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EarthGang - Cocktail

[Verse 1: Doctur Dot]
I'm the latest phenomenon you should be hip to
Bandwagon seats goin' extinct
Don't give a fuck, don't judge if you hoein' for free
Came out the mud wink wink if you know what I mean
Inside jokes is only for the loneliest folks
Windpipe close, I know that ho, she love to get choked
Headlights can hose, bucks and doe
Before the thud and you bleedin' on the side of the road
I need to see the receipt, I need to see the receipt
I need proof, I ain't stupid but believin' in dreams
First time I ate some pussy, I knew evil was sweet
First time for you to call, I'ma dead let it ring
Leave me be, might as well take one for the team
Hot as hell on the block, scrambled eggs on the street
Good genes, whole family keep they hair and they teeth
I ain't playin' nigga, this is not the fantasy league
I'm just here to highlight my life
Fuck a gas pack, NASDAQ, get the price high
Where the cash at? tell the broke days bye bye
You's a Milhouse, you's a real sap, nice guy
Finish last, back of the traffic on the turnpike
I was a Xan addict like you 'til the last time
Now I'm expandin' how I move like the sunrise
In the tundra, no shade, hope you go blind

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