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EarthGang - Liquor Sto'

Just me
Just me
I wanna say just..
I wanna say just..

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus]
This that might see 25
Then name my seed for my partners
Now I ain't so sure they died
That I hope this smoke dry my eyes
But kinfolk right outside with the rental
Binto, limo, zimbo, titty flow, wind storm, stage coach, wormhole, 64', long with this shit, go I don't mind
Breakfast for dinner
Pussy for Breakfast
I bought the bando
You bought the necklace
That's where we separate
Fucking with Marsha
Well that's the connection
Well that shit gon' cost ya
Well that's an investment
Just passing through sir
Still got arrested
Fucking with Marsha
Will teach you a lesson
Girl I was just asking
Cause your ass can get it
Girl your ass impressive
But your ass a blessing
But your ass keep acting
Exactly to toss that shit back like vital signs
Coming out that box Chevy
20 Million 20 year olds
Trying to keep it together
Trying to sweep they confetti
Trying to sleep like Coretta
Tupperware up Mom's spaghetti
Ready, cause if they catch me with this
My face gon' hit them front pictures
Y'all go head and hit them switches
Y'all go head and hit them swishers
Smoke breaks, take them mid ditches
Your position is poor precision
Hold up bitch you blocking my vision

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