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EarthGang - Meditate (feat. J.I.D.)

[Intro: JID]
(Lay, sleep, wake up, lay... down, sleep
Uh, wake up
Cry, eat, sleep, world...)

[Verse 1: JID]
Okay, everybody wanna be a nigga, but nobody wanna be a nigga when it's time to be a nigga
If you thinkin' it, then say it, when you see a nigga; please be clear, I rhyme, I do not mind read
I ride the beat then have your girl ride the C-train to me to ride the D
And give me brain, and you can see the stains I place upon the sheet—oh, you gon' come for me?
Well, my nigga, you better have an army at least—more than a gun for me
I'm more than a man, not a God, but the boy is a man, we ignore all the noise from the outlandish
Standout with the cannon, outstandin' south bandit, don't panic, please, 'cause if I get nervous we get un-sturdy and we start to squeeze

[Verse 2: Johnny Venus]
Okay, niggadom
Nigga from nigga slum
Blue tongue, red tongue
Nigga flavors, go 'head, son, get you some
Nigga got a lot of gifts but
Package store was always open
Jail house don't ever close
And my world view was always shut
Trap spot was always bunkin'
Neighborhood was always crunk
See I was outside riskin' snakes eyes
With my life chances, stakes high
Only outlet was the moon walk
Michael Jackson dances, so shuck and jive, nigga, bust a nine
Shoot behind the line, my only advances
USA eat me like a cancer
UK eat me like a cancer
Gettin' money and they tag the crib
Ask King James, "what's the fucking answer?"
Still a nigga out in Calabasas
Still a nigga when I greet the masses
Oval office, presidential grasses
When I fuck my white girl and I meet her daddy
I know deep down inside, man, he hate that shit
Plotting for the perfect time to bury me
Nigga, please, show 'em the green like a caddy
Verena, Serena them daddy
But that shit don't change my appearance
Asians like, "That's my nigga"
Latins like, "That's my nigga"
White folks like, "That's my nigga"
'Til it's time to die, bye, bye, nigga
Now don't get offended, I was just giving you hard time
Come to your block, give you hard line
My, did I come at the wrong time?
But see I sent comets to the Earth
Me, I was humming at your birth
I put colors on the spectrum
I let you assign them worth

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