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EarthGang - Missed Calls

[Hook: Johnny Venus]
Girl, I ain't no star—I just ain't from round here
My pilot told me I'll go far if I stay from 'round here
Hell, I'm so good at missing calls, bitch, I'm perfect this year
And I suggest you trace your scars if you get lost, my dear

[Verse 1: Doctur Dot]
Nigga, I can't tell if I'm dreaming
Lord, forgive me if I think I'm in charge
But the snakes in the grass are starting to get smart
And the snake in my pants is starting to get hard
And I'm fucking everything with two legs and a heart
And some ass, and some titties, and an ATM card
Fetish for my flaws, and I lust for my scars
And this broke nigga dick guarantee I won't starve
Well I suppose, that you suppose, using hoes, is getting old
And you oppose, that maybe I, should grown on up, and iron clothes
And find some hope, find some work, and write in cursive
Been a flirter since my birth
They wrapped me up so I ain't fuck the nurse
Too numb to react when you struck a nerve
So I hits the bitch in a circle jerk
With me, myself, and my demon semen
Canine teeth got me feline fiendin'
Hold up, rewind, make a beeline, feel like a bald eagle chiefin'
I ain't even breathin'
I'm a motherfuckin' ghost, you can tell 'cause I float
And I lose my head without even bleeding
Fuck what a motherfucker thought, that they knew about us
We got the juice and we keep on squeezing
Like drip, drip, drip, drip, drip
Hold up me cup, me take a sip
Hold up me pinky, me think me rich
Me being foolish, me no pay rent
Me look at roomies, all of em pissed
Eviction notice taped to the fridge
Thank the most high, me no got kids
They would be cannibals, eating your kids

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