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Elton John & Leon Russell - If It Wasn't For Bad

[Chorus 1]
I knew from the first night I met you
Something just wasn't quite right
Loving like an innocent stranger
But something was just out of sight

[Verse 1]
How could I know that you had used me
Fill out some plan of your own
I could have known you'd abused me
Leave me here hurt and alone

[Chorus 2]
If it wasn't for you I'd be happy
If it wasn't for lies you'd be true
I know that you could be just like you should
If it wasn't for bad you'd be good

[Verse 2]
I only sung what I wanted to sing
You were a dream in my mind
I never know how you never could be
It didn't take long for me to find
I guess that it's mine for foresee
Only what I wanted to see
I couldn't know you would be
A player just acting for me

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