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Emile Haynie - Who to Blame

[Verse 1]
When the night goes on
And the twilight sings a sad song
Oh, the day you’ll go
You [?] baby
You shouldn't act so crazy

[Verse 2]
Don’t go 'round
Acting like you’re new to the town
Cause when it all falls down
Well, that’s just a game
And baby, you shouldn't act so crazy

Oh, the time moves on
You've been in the cold for far too long
See this little girl chasing fame, chasing fame
'Til they're old, washed up and alone, and got no one to blame

[Verse 3]
And now you can't stay home
Too much time to think when you’re all alone
Remember how it all went wrong?
Driving you crazy, you go out every night

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