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Erutan - Will o' the Wisp

Like fire, you know, you know, even the stars you'd inspire

Like flame, I know, I know, that loving you will bring me pain

I know I've taken all leave of my senses

I want to be closer to you

Nearing your sight I become the nothingness...

...lose myself in your light

How can I make you take me away to the land that you

Call your own? Give your love to me. Make me so happy

I won't ever want to go home

Will o' the wisp, I can't turn away or resist

White fire deep in the blue. Hopelessly drawn into you

Like truth, you know, you know, everybody loves you, adores you

Like air, I know, I know, that I'm invisible, I'm not there

Erutan ~ "Ah, unrequited love... pining for someone so beautiful, inside and out, that they are like bright lights, shining and unreachable... In Celtic Mythology, Will o' the Wisps were bright lights appearing on the moor. They would disappear when approached, reappearing somewhere further away. One will never touch a Will o' the Wisp, which perhaps is part of their appeal." Instruments Used: lute, harp, djimbe, zills, tambourine, frame drum

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