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Exodus - Blacklist

[Lyrics & music (G. Holt)]

It is no mystery

What you get is what you see

You betrayed my loyalty

You've gone and done me wrong

Now I do you harm
My revenge is guaranteed

You stabbed me in the back

Spit right in my eye

Dragging me into the fray
Take you out, right you off, there's never enough

Ways to throw you away


You'd better start runnin'

Cause you know that I'm comin'

Cocked and loaded and I never miss

I'm onto your game

And I'm layin' the blame

And I'm addin' your name to my blacklist

You shoulda thought twice

Cause your playin' with your life

You must have some sort of deathwish

I haven't any doubt
That your time has run out

Cause I've added your name

To my blacklist

You tried to beat me

Thought you could defeat me
But how you we ever wrong

I rise to the occasion
Character assassination

To put you down where you belong

You've got a lot to say
When I'm so far away

Now you've got a problem with me

Take you out, write you off, when I've had enough
Of your verbal debris

[Repeat Chorus]

[1st Solo G. Holt]

[2nd Solo are. Hunolt]

For all the shit you talk

You've never walked the walk

All you do is run and hide

Slander me, slag me

I'm not a man you should deride

I've heard everything

All your mudslinging
You better run, as fast as you can

Take you out, write you off, are you brave enough

To stand and fight like a man

[Repeat Chorus]

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