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FKA twigs - Mary Magdalene

[Verse 1]
A woman's work
A woman's prerogative
A woman's time to embrace
She must put herself first
A woman's touch
A sacred geometry
I know where you start, where you end
How to please, how to curse

Yes, I heard you needed me (Breathe on me)
Yes, I'm here to open you (You're so close)
Yes, I know that your heart is blue (Your blood runs deep)
(So cold, so cold)

I'm fever for the fire
True as Mary Magdalene
Creature of desire
Come just a little bit closer to me
Step just a little bit closer to me
I can lift you higher
I do it like Mary Magdalene
I'm what you desire
Come just a little bit closer till we collide

FKA twigs' most explicit exploration of the Mary Magdalene story in the Bible, which also gives the whole album "MAGDALENE" its name. Mary Magdalene was a close follower who traveled with Jesus and was present. Due to a misreading by Pope Gregory I in 581, for a long time Mary Magdalene was confused with a “sinful woman” in Luke 7:36. Though this misreading was addressed by Pope Paul VI in 1969, the view of Mary as a prostitute persists in pop culture. Twigs plays with all of these different views of Magdalene, and the notion of intimacy.

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