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Fiona Apple - Largo

[Verse 1]
I was recently rid of a man again
So I caught me a cab to see Flanagan
I told the cabbie "the alley in back"
I told myself coming would keep me intact

Flanny shouts from the second floor
As I crossed the lot to the kitchen door
I see Guillermo and give him some lip
And I cross to the bar, Ellen pours me a nip
And I look to the stage it's the rock of rage as Jon is on
And how could I listen without wanting to be with them
And how could I have thought that I was ever alone?

I feel like singing and drinking and stuff
And I don't wanna care if I stumble or cry
Handle me like family and that'll be enough
To keep me from dying when I want to die

When over the rainbow's too far
Go to Lar, go to Lar, go to Largo
When over the rainbow's too far
Go to Lar, go to Lar, go to Largo

"Largo" is about the need for belonging and connection. The singer is looking for solace and understanding in the wake of a break up, and so she finds her way to Flanagan's bar, where she is welcomed by the people there. She particularly connects with the music, and finds joy in being part of the band, even if it is only through watching. The chorus of the song speaks to the need to be seen and appreciated by those around one, and implies that such a support system is the key to finding peace and contentment. The post-chorus points to the need to seek out belonging and acceptance, urging the listener to "Go to Lar, go to Lar, go to Largo" when they feel that they are too far away from the rainbow. Through this, the song suggests that finding comfort through connection with others is the best way to deal with the hardship of being alone.

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