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Foo Fighters - Walking A Line

[Verse 1]
Got my good side at the ready
If the other one is on the mend
Feel it in my bones when you break my back
Break it just to watch me bend
Anyway for once you admit it
No matter what your good book says
Never looking' back cause I ain't no saint
Just another teenage head

You gotta, wait for the feeling and you wait for the feeling
And you wait, and you shiver and you shake
Crawling' back and forth from the black and white

Over and over again
Over and over and over again
Ain't no turning back cause I'm walking a line
Walking a line, walking a line
For you

[Verse 2]
Maybe if you swear you'll save me
Maybe save myself instead
Swear across my heart and I hope to die
Maybe we could just play dead
Runnin' out of time but I'm ready
Run out when I run this red
See you on the chase, I will track you down
Even though you're miles ahead

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