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Frances Forever - fuck u

I've forgotten to breathe
Forgotten to read
Forgotten to tie my shoes
Forgotten to eat
Forgotten to drink
Because i'm only thinking 'bout you
And only you and only you
I can't think of anyone but you
The only rhyme in this song
Rhymes with you and only you
I don't know what to do
I can't even tie my fucking shoes
Fuck you, fuck you
You messed with my head
What did you do?

Can't even brush my teeth
Can't even wash my clothes
The sink is full of dirty dishes but i've just given up
My bed is my only sanctuary
My mind is only temporarily
Stuck on the picture of your face
But i can't block out the memories
I can still feel your skin

Fuck you for makin' me this way
Fuck you for makin' me this way
Fuck you for makin' me this way
Cry all night and into the morning
(i wanna get over you sooner)

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