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Frank Ocean - Monks

Mosh pits & bare chest
Stage diving sky diver
Spray the crowd with cold water
Now it's mosh pits & wet tits
I think I need a cold shower
Cool waters
African girl speaks in english accent likes to fuck boys in bands
Likes to watch westerns
& ride me without the hands
Show me her passport
She's on her own tour
But you're beautiful to me
Wave em high girl to the sky
But you're beautiful to me
(We're in the clouds)
Wave em high girl to the sky
But you're beautiful to me
(Life in the clouds)
Keep em high ya'll
(Beautiful stars)
In the sky

Monks in the mosh pit
Stage diving dalai lama
Feet covered in cut flowers
They mosh for enlightenment
Clean chakra good karma
One with the water
Indian girl sleeps above the temple planning a run away young at heart
You found a boyfriend
& now you wanna get away
Just a virgin lover on a getaway
& at sunset they're gonna try & get away abhaya mudra

I never ask for much
But please keep up lover
We've got no choices left
The running's fast
Run run run run
You're beautiful to me
Run run run run you'd better run

You mean so much to me
In my world
We made it safely
Even with your father's army trailing us
We escaped him
Even with his archer's bows at our backs
What a great escape
But there's a long way still in fact
We're lost in a jungle underneath these clouds
There's a monsoon that never ends
A coke white tiger woke us from our slumber
To guide & protect us til the end

We're in the clouds
Wave em high now to the sky
But you're beautiful to me
Keep em high ya'll show you right but you're beautiful to me beautiful

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