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Glass Animals - Tangerine

[Verse 1]
As cold as an old ice cream sandwich, as focused as Mr. Miyagi
You poke at your phone posting aerial photos of you and your smoothie
I can't keep on making you happy 'cause you got issues with your daddy
I miss ramen noodles and laughing at you and your gran in home movies

But I wish I could show you more of yourself
I wish I could make you somebody else
But I left it way too late
Are you stuck in your own ways?
(I'm begging)

Hands, knees, please, tangerine, come on back to me
You got what I need, tangerine, do this for me
Hands, knees, please, tangerine, sugar, honey, sweet
Got what I need, tangerine

[Verse 2]
You let the devil in, and all you talk is money, money, money, money, money
It's so funny how it changes how you feel
How you see, how you need, how you sleep
All your freedom, caffeine, how you're looking at me
But I love it when the light sits on you just right
Tiny tangerine speckles painted in your eyes

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